Learning that loves your schedule

Go as deep as you want with self-paced Christian video courses on Scripture, theology, apologetics, and more.

Self-paced learning

Courses that move with you

Short videos and no deadlines means you learn at your convenience. Study between the gaps of your schedule, like on your lunch break or after putting the kids to bed. Depending on your subscription level, you can take up to eight courses a year.

Interactive studies

Learning at any level

Watch the lecture, follow the transcript, add notes and highlights, or explore further with suggested reading. The learning level is up to you.

Video lecture Notes and Transcripts Bible study software

Each lecture is conveniently divided into 5–10-minute segments, making it easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Follow along with a lecture transcript and take notes for deeper learning.

Link to further reading and activities inside Logos Bible Software (included in your subscription).

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Theological studies

Teachers you can trust

Study with the world’s foremost biblical scholars. Faculty are professors, pastors, and sometimes both—and they’re all committed to applying the Word to life.

Comprehensive courses

Topics you'll love

Explore anything from leadership to biblical languages. Picture online seminary in the home—minus the homework.

Take up to four courses per year

Depending on your subscription level, you can take up to four courses a year. Choose from over 200 courses on a broad range of biblical and theological topics.

  • New Testament
  • Old Testament
  • Preaching
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Counseling
  • Leadership
  • Theology
  • Apologetics
  • Church History
  • Archaeology
  • Missions
  • Discipleship

You'll receive codes to redeem courses of your choice. Codes are valid for one year from the date issued. You'll maintain access to the course for six months from the date you redeemed your code.

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