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Counseling Suffering People (0.75 hour course)
One of the most significant roles for a pastor or counselor is to walk alongside someone who is suffering. It provides an opportunity to reach out and express the grace of God in situations where people are hurting and looking to find meaning and purpose in their life. In Counseling Suffering People, professor and practicing counselor Dr. Dave Wenzel provides insight into how to walk with people who are experiencing grief or loss. Dr. Wenzel discusses different frameworks for understanding suffering. He explores the different assumptions and beliefs that people have about suffering and gives practical advice on how to respond to those who are suffering. This course will help you as you look to help those who are experiencing hardship in their life.
Mobile Ed: Logos Training Bundle (4 courses)
Whether you are preaching a sermon, writing a paper, or teaching a small group, Logos Bible Software has everything you need to study the Bible. The combination of a powerful library of valuable resources with helpful interactive guides and tools and easily organized notes makes Logos Bible Software the best tool for anyone wanting to get deeper into God’s Word. This new training series shows you not just how to use the features of Logos Bible Software, but how to use Logos to accomplish the tasks you want to accomplish. Each of the four courses in this bundle highlights tools and features of Logos that are specific to the task at hand. The first course, Getting Oriented with Logos Bible Software (LT121), gives you a quick overview of Logos Bible Software and helps you get started using the software. Studying a Passage with Logos Bible Software (LT122) shows users ways to use Logos to study the Bible for teaching or preaching, leading a small group, or writing an exegetical paper....
Common Misconceptions About Common Christian Problems (1.5 hour course)
In Common Misconceptions about Common Christian Problems licensed psychologist and seminary professor Dr. C. Gary Barnes explores some myths surrounding the ten most common problems faced by Christians today. The list of problems—which was created from surveys regarding reasons people seek pastoral counseling—include issues like anxiety, depression, addiction, grief, divorce, and more. Dr. Barnes reviews eight common myths for each issue, explaining why they are not true. This course will help you recognize misconceptions Christians have about some of their most common problems and become better equipped to work through those problems.
Bible Survey Video Series: Romans
This short course on Paul’s Letter to the Romans explores the biblical book of Romans, giving particular attention to its historical setting and culture. The strategy for discussing Romans centers upon reading it as it would have sounded to a first-century audience. In addition to providing an overview of Romans the course discusses topics such as authorship, audience, theology, major themes, presenting problems, and pastoral strategies in depth.
Mobile Ed: Interactive Greek Alphabet Course (1 hour course)
For serious theological study you need to be able to recognize the original words of the New Testament since they regularly appear in commentaries and lexicons. This course will make you feel at ease when you encounter such references by teaching you the Greek alphabet and showing you how to pronounce whole words. To help you master the Greek alphabet, each lesson has an interactive activity section with various experiential exercises, such as game-type drills, an alphabet song, and quizzes.
Mobile Ed: BI111 Typological Hermeneutics: Finding Christ in the Whole Bible (4 hour course)
Explore the art and science of Bible interpretation, teaching you how to become a good reader of the Bible so you will hear everything God says in His inspired Word.
Mobile Ed: CM103 Invitation to Biblical Preaching II: Preaching Biblical Sermons (8 hour course)
After looking at the reasons for preaching in Invitation to Biblical Preaching I, Dr. J. Kent Edwards walks through the important aspects of sermon preparation. Edwards moves from exegesis to exposition, showing students how they can apply the original context of Scripture to the context of their congregations. He also covers important presentation and delivery aspects of preaching like word choices, intonation, and nonverbal signals. This course will give you the tools you need to prepare and deliver biblical sermons.
Mobile Ed: CM328 Preaching the Psalms (8 hour course)
Preaching the Psalms (CM328) teaches students how to interpret and preach psalms according to their structure and the larger context of the book of Psalms. The course begins by introducing the mechanics of Hebrew poetry, including parallelism and the use of imagery, and explains how they affect meaning. It considers the book of Psalms as a whole, surveys and illustrates the various categories of psalms, and identifies christological implications of the book. It concludes with a four-step methodology for preaching the psalms and demonstrates implementation of those steps through the study of Psa 29.