Frequent Questions:
Logos Now & Faithlife Connect

Here's how Faithlife Connect will affect current Logos Now subscribers

What happened to Logos Now?

We’ve transitioned Logos Now members to Faithlife Connect, a new program that includes subscription access to Logos features, Mobile Ed courses, and many other benefits and resources.

We created a special level of Faithlife Connect just for Logos Now members: Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library). This plan includes all the features and benefits of Logos Now, plus all the additional Faithlife Connect benefits—without a change in price.

As the name indicates, this level does not include a Logos Cloud library. Please note that any books or base packages that you’ve purchased are yours to keep. “No Library” only refers to the Logos Cloud library.

Why doesn’t Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library) include a library?

After listening to our customers, we found that Logos Now members were not interested in the Logos Cloud library included in other Faithlife Connect levels. Logos Now members also made it clear that they wanted to maintain access to the same features available in Logos Now, without a change in price. Creating a Faithlife Connect level without a library and providing a reduced rate enabled us to meet both of these needs.

I was a Logos Now customer, and I heard I was being migrated to Faithlife Connect Starter. Now I hear I’m being moved to Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library). What happened?

You have been migrated to Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library).

We initially migrated Logos Now customers to Faithlife Connect Starter, and notified customers of this decision on February 21, 2018. However, after receiving feedback from customers, we created Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library) to address their concerns. On March 2, 2018, we announced we would be migrating former Logos Now members to Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library).

Does Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library) not include any books?

Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library) contains everything in Faithlife Connect Essentials except for the Logos Cloud library. You will continue to receive the Featured Book of the Month and any other books included in Logos Now. You can also download two ebooks every month through Faithlife Ebooks.

I got an email about Faithlife Connect that included a coupon code for a base package. Will it still work?

We’ve cancelled coupon codes issued via email for a base package, feature set, or library. If after experiencing Faithlife Connect you decide it’s not for you, call Customer Service at (800)-875-6467 and we’ll reinstate the coupon code we originally issued. This code will be good for any English library, feature set, or base package. This offer ends on March 31, 2018.

What is Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library)?

This special level was created to address the unique needs of Logos Now customers. It includes everything in Faithlife Connect Essentials, but without the Logos Cloud library. This change ensures Logos Now customers get the exact same benefits of Logos Now—plus the additional benefits of Faithlife Connect—without a change in price. It includes:

  • All Logos features
  • 2 Mobile Ed courses a year
  • 2 Faithlife Ebook downloads a month
  • Full access to Faithlife TV Plus
  • Exclusive, members-only deals
  • 2% reward on Faithlife purchases
  • Additional benefits

For a complete list of what’s included in Faithlife Connect Essentials, see the pricing page. Keep in mind Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library) includes everything listed for that plan, except the Logos Cloud library.

Will I lose access to Logos features as a result of this change?

No. You will continue to access the same Logos features that were available through Logos Now.

Will my price go up as the result of this change?

No. Logos Now customers have been migrated to Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library) at a special rate equal to the price of your Logos Now membership.

Will my price for Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library) always stay the same?

Like all subscription products, the cost of Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library) may change over time. However, because this plan does not include a Logos Cloud library, it will continue to be priced lower than Faithlife Connect Essentials.

If I cancel my subscription to Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library), can I start it back up again later?

Yes, but you will not qualify for the reduced price. If you cancel your subscription you forfeit this special rate and will pay the current price at the time of purchase.

Does Faithlife Connect Essentials (No Library) affect any books I own permanently?

No. Any books or base packages that you’ve purchased are yours to keep. “No Library” only refers to the Logos Cloud library.